These are one of a kind photos of Las Vegas in 1956,size is
24" X 36". I own the original prints and have these
professional done. I will only issue exactly 100 of each of
these numbered and signed.   $125.00 each or $200.00 pair.
1970-1972 Monte Carlo
Right and Left Door Shells, No worm holes
from previous work or cracks-straight
$250.00 per side.
Pair of tail light
bezels in nice pit free
shape. Arizona
quality! This is for the
1971-72 Monte
Carlo.  $35.00 pair.
Roofs are sold with or
without sail panels,
Prices are $300.00
w/out and $500.00 with
full sail panels to
replace your vinyl
Right Door Jamb inner
structure, you mount the
inner structure to it. This
is a thick piece that you
must have, nobody
makes it. $50.00
Gas Tank Straps $20.00
Wiper Trans       $25.00
Auto Brake Pedal $30.00
Emergency Pedal $20.00
Emergency Cable $25.00
Steering shaft $25.00
Manual Door window
regulators, good
working shape-$40.00
pair or $25 each.
Rear Quarter
Panel Trim Panels.
Nice used shape,
not a cheap
repro-$75.00 pair.
Door Hinges, upper
and lower sold per
side, good working
order, very
tight-$40.00 or
$75.00 for both
Left quarter panel
minus sail panel.
Comes with most of
the outer wheel
house is which is
also in nice shape.
Rear Seat Back
sheet-metal, full cut
includes the top hooks
$125.00 for 1970 or
$100.00 for 1971-1972
which had the vent.
1971-72 Left
Fender,Very Solid with
minor rust in heel, was
hit on the side,$250.00
Quarters with full
inner and outer wheel
house. Outers are
bent on one side, the
other side has filler
towards the rear
bottom, easy to
repair. $450.00 pair.
70-71 or 72 Wheel well to
core support braces.
$40.00 pair.
Nice corner pieces for
your Vinyl roof  $60.00
Left Quarter panel
skin,straight and overall
solid with only one small
crack(az rust) $285.00
Right Front quarter panel,
nice fix for this common
worked area $125.00
Right rear lower quarter
area, has some rust behind
th the wheel. Good to fix a
more rusted piece. $60.00
1971-72 Right Fender.
Does have some rust in
heel and some filler,more
photos available. $285.00
☛Nice drivers style front
bumper with brackets, 2
bolts have peeling of chrome
by them $200.00
Left full side cowl shoulder
with door jamb, has the
inner areas but Not the
KickPanel Brace w/ Lower
fender brace. Right side
also available. $125.00
72 Core Support, nice
shape $175.00, also have a
71, same shape and price.
1970 Monte Carlo for
floors pans, cowls, top
cowl, right and left
quarters. Frame was sold.
Also have a 1972 for
floors, side cowls and full
71-72 Headlight bezels, one
side was good, other has
pitting. Both $50.00.
1971 Parking Lights $75.00 pair, Rear guards $60.00
pair and bumper filler panel in great shape, NOS that
was mounted with one bolt each side $100.00
1972 Monte Carlo, very
nice floor pans, cowls,
back tulip panel and trunk
pan. Roof is also in great